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Papa Rellena / Stuffed Potato

Mashed potatoes stuffed with picadillo (ground beef) breaded and fried.

Croqueta de Jaiba / Deviled Crab

Seasoned crab meat breaded and rolled into a mini football shape and deep fried.


Three croquettes your choice of ham or chicken

Empanda de Picadillo

A semi-circle shaped dough stuffed with ground beef is deep fried creating a golden crispy shell.

Empanda de Ropa Vieja

An empanda stuffed with ropa vieja a shredded skirt steak seasoned and cooked in a light tomato sauce.

Empanada de Jaiba

An emapanda stuffed with crab meat seasoned and cooked in a light red sauce.

Empanada de Guayaba y Queso

If you're wanting something sweet this empanada is stuffed with guava and cream cheese.


A velvety corn based dough stuffed in a corn husk and boiled.

Tamal Special

Tamal served with pork, lettuce, and tomatoes topped with "mojo criollo" a tangy Cuban marinade.

Chicken Nuggets and Fries

7 nuggets with a side of french fries

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